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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

We are a young and ambitious student association from Bucharest and we have been active since 2018 when we started with a dream to build a single-seater together with our teammates. Our goal is to annually participate in at least one Formula Student competition, thus we have a team of volunteering students that put their time, knowledge, and effort into the development of the car. Now we're looking for new student volunteers to join us! Check out the open positions and apply!


The marketing department serves as a bridge between the technical departments and our audience. The work that we do also requires technical preparation to some extent, so be sure that you’ll basically be learning a lot of stuff from various fields. Oh, and you'll have the opportunity to visit the garage whenever you want, as well. If you're up for the challenge, check out the following:

1. Graphic designer

2. Content writer

3. Website admin

4. Video editor

5. Community manager


To be able to build a single-seater race car we need a versatile team. In order to bring all of our engineering designs to life, we need strong partners that can facilitate the construction phase of the race car. If you'd like to research collaboration opportunities with potential partners while staying in close contact with the rest of the departments, apply here.


We are the backbone of the entire vehicle and we determine how the car handles on the race track. The chassis we create houses every other component of the vehicle and also has the important role of keeping the pilot safe. If these things spark your interest and make you want to apply your knowledge in a hands-on project, check out the following:

1. CAD Designer

2. Mechanical Engineer


If you’re passionate about aerodynamics, want to have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in multiple fields, including motorsport, with a focus on car aerodynamics, (because we need our car to fly high and race low), join the Aerodynamics Department here.


Are you a petrolhead? Are you turning your head every time a loud car passes by on the street? Are you buying car parts every month? Do you prefer to work on your car and get your hands dirty instead of going out with your friend? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, find out more about what we're looking for, here.


To put it simply, we make the difference between a 20th-century race car and a 21st-century one. Sure, you can have a simple steering wheel as your grandpa had decades ago - you turn it and the car steers that way. But what if we add some LEDs? Aaaand maybe a display? And some buttons? That’s what we’re all about. If you'd like to join us, you can see what we're looking for here.

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