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Telemetry Infrastructure Engineer

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Modern racing cars are outfitted with a wide array of sensors to capture an accurate view of the vehicle’s state at any point in time. Telemetry data is essential for Formula Student engineers to understand how their designs perform out on the track. Quality data drives important engineering decisions that improve the dynamic behavior of the vehicle as well as its safety and reliability.

As a telemetry infrastructure engineer, you own the end-to-end data acquisition pipeline. It is your job to build the in-car system that collects, synchronizes and saves real-time data from the ECU, analog and digital sensors. You will work closely with the rest of the electronics team to integrate the telemetry system alongside other vehicle electronics. In addition, you will coordinate with the data visualization engineer to seamlessly serve and display the collected data in a standardized and intuitive form.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Set up a single-board computer for telemetry data acquisition

  • Build and maintain software services to read, parse, process and log sensor data

  • Embed with other departments to understand how data impacts their development process

  • Work in synergy with the rest of the electronics team to solve challenges and meet deadlines

Qualifications and skills required

  • Strong engineering mindset - passionate about automotive technology and systems development

  • Communication skills in English

  • Git etiquette

  • Linux knowledge (installation and setup, BASH scripting, networking)

  • Python experience

Nice to have

  • Prior to RaspberryPi and/or Arduino projects

  • Familiarity with communication protocols such as UART, SPI, CAN

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