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Open Garage Day

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

The first days of March didn’t only mean the start of spring, but also the start of our team’s official appearance. The UPB Drive garage hosted over 60 passionate and curious Motorsport fans on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 5th.

Since November 2018 we are 25 enthusiastic students determined to reach our goal: building a Formula Student car. After 4 months of hard, daily work, we felt that it’s time for at least one day break - but our kind of break is the one in which we talk again about what we are doing and spread our passion about Motorsport. So we organized an Open Garage Day event, gaining once again the attention of students and the trust of Motorsport people.

Step by step

The event started at 5 PM sharp and the first to come were the teachers who supported the team since the very beginning. They were really proud of our progress and delighted to see that we are a serious and hard-working team, with the mindset that giving up was not an option for us.

Slowly, both enthusiasts of Motorsport and people who, although they did not know what this event is about, were attracted to the good energy they felt. Team members were more than happy to talk to each visitor and to tell what Formula Student really means. FS competitions challenge university engineering students to design, build and race a single-seat racing car in one year. This kind of contest give teams the chance to prove both their creativity and their engineering skills compared to other teams from the same University of from other universities around the world. Nearly 700 teams across five continents compete at the 15 possible FS competitions across the globe. The competition scrutinizes a variety of aspects of each team’s racing car, ranging from manufacturing cost and vehicle design, to on-track performance metrics such as vehicle acceleration and fuel efficiency, and ultimately race pace. Each FS competition has 8 events: 5 dynamic events (Acceleration, Endurance, Fuel efficiency, Autocross, Skid-pad) and 3 static events (Cost Report, Design report and Business Presentation).

In the networking session everyone could find out anything about anything or anyone. The discussions spurred around the machine parts, 3D models, partners and sponsors and, of course, what is going to happen in this project: the actual construction of the car.

Besides students and teachers, the UPB Drive garage was also visited by drivers Bianca Anton, Endurance Driver and the only Romanian female presence at GT4 in 2017, Andrei Dumitrescu, Champion at the National Hill Climb Championship, and Lucian Răduţ, Champion Group H at the National Hill Climb Championship, as well as members of the Bluestreamline team, the Student Formula Team based in Brașov, Romania.

Andrei Dumitrescu, Champion at the National Hill Climb Championship

The team leaders have also prepared a brief presentation in which they reviewed the things that have happened over the last 4 months. Although the project officially started with the full team on November 1, 2018, each team, consisting of 6-8 people, succeeded in designing a palpable, ready-to-build idea.

Our next activity was a Quiz consisting of 15 Formula One questions. There were 4 teams of 3 participants, each team having a UPB Drive member ready help, and the prizes consisted of 5 to go vouchers and magazines offered by AutoExpert.

The big attraction (and entertainment) of the evening was the simulator brought by the technical boys, who knew that Motorsport is filled by competitiveness. One by one, the participants showed their capabilities on the virtual circuit, applauded by the pursuers, and looked carefully at the other contenders in the title.

What's going on next?

The UPB Drive team will build, test and optimize their first vehicle (DR-01), then participate and complete all static and dynamic events in Formula Student Netherlands (5-11 July 2019).

UPB Drive Formula Student Team

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Photo Credit: Tudor Mihai

What did people say about this wonderful day?

Adrian Azoiţei, Technical Leader UPB Drive: I saw this event as a step forward for the project because we managed to bring together people more or less involved in Motorsport / engineering and this can easily lead to a community in the future. I felt relaxed, it seemed to me that people were easy to integrate into the atmosphere and that we had an inviting warm place, not a cold workshop.

Paul Cozma-Ivan, Team Captain UPB Drive: Open Garage Day was the first opportunity to show ourselves as a real team. I felt proud and excited at the same time seeing myself there with my teammates and presenting the great steps we had made in such a short time. This is how we have demonstrated to those who have supported us so far that they had a good reason to do so.

Lucian Răduţ, Group H Champion Group H at the National Hill Climb Championship: The event was full of energy and I am glad to see so many people interested in the evolution of Motorsport in Romania. Designing a single-seater from scratch is not an easy thing. I was pleasantly impressed by the UPB Drive team - when you see the progress they made in just four months, you can not believe that they are a small team just formed. From the passion and dedication I see in them, I'm sure they will build a very good single-seater.

Bianca Anton, Endurance Driver: I had enjoyed this event, it was a pleasant atmosphere, and this project convinced me that it will be a success because I have met passionate, dedicated and fully involved people in its completion and in reaching its goals. I congratulate the initiative on those who have set up the UPB Drive project and everything they have done so far and I hope they continue to grow further.

Alin Popa (BlueStreamline team member) and Flavius Păduraru (Team Captain BlueStreamline) in discussion with Paul Cozma - Ivan (Team Captain UPB Drive)

Alin Popa, BlueStreamline member: It is to be admired that you want to take part in the Formula Student, which is, in my opinion, the world's largest inter-university competition. Even if it is not easy to design and build a single-seater for such a competition, it is the most demanding and beautiful experience you can enjoy during the faculty. Congratulations on the initiative and I look forward to seeing you on track.

Flavius ​​Păduraru, Team Captain BlueStreamline: A fine handful of people with big hopes and bigger dreams. They have the future ahead and what they want to leave behind is well defined.. At this moment they have a brand new garage of an immaculate white, a handful of tools and a very long road until the coming summer. All of this versus 2 competitions to come, competitions that are approaching with great strides from all the teams in the world. I wish them a lot of success and I can not wait to see them on track. Good Speed!


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