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Graphic Designer

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The marketing department serves as a bridge between the technical departments and our audience. In our view, a graphic designer’s work, besides working with our team leaders to come up with bold designs that best describe our strategies and goals, is to spread our message (be it updates, heart-to-hearts, or important announcements) in the most simple, yet visually appealing way possible.

This also requires technical preparation to some extent, so be sure that you’ll basically be learning a lot of stuff from various fields! And it’ll be hella helpful and fun, trust us on that ;)

What you will be doing

  • create graphics for social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - and our website based on requirements, in accordance with a specific theme, campaign etc.(i.e. visuals for the recruiting campaign)

  • create graphics for brochures, merchandise and sponsorship material, as well as visual support for our newsletter

  • brainstorm different ideas and help us stand out with your designs, while following brand guidelines

What we expect

  • knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

  • knowledge of visual design elements and principles and a keen eye for details and aesthetics

  • ability to work methodically, communicate efficiently and meet deadlines

  • portfolio required

Nice to have

  • 3D rendering knowledge (ie: Blender, KeyShot)

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