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Jolly thoughts, a bit of retrospective and what we are up to next

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Cold weather, gifts, movie marathons and a couple of days off. These can only add up to one thing: The Winter Holidays! For us, the winter break is a good opportunity to look back on what we have managed to achieve by now and look forward to reaching our goals and fulfilling our ambitions.

So here is what we have managed to do so far:

Project Launch

Over two months ago we were just six friends stubborn enough to start a project whose ideals many thought to be unreachable, but our determination was not affected and nothing could have stopped us from presenting the project to students from the entire University.

On the second Thursday of October we spoke to 70 students and professors about the Formula Student competition, with all that it implies: the car, the events, the things you learn and people you meet. The connection with the engineering world.

We've started this project out of passion and, like us, we knew that there were students out there who were just waiting for this kind of opportunity: building a car from nothing. Literally. We wanted, first of all, to create a community, so we announced that we were recruiting.

Project Launch 09/10/2018

Over 50 enthusiasts wanted to be part of the UPB Drive team, but only 22 have successfully completed our recruiting steps. We searched for both experienced students and freshman ones, since this project is intended to be educational. We found the perfect colleagues - all with the same drive as ours. On the First of November we buckled up and started the ride.

Appearance at Salonul Auto București

We love it when people support other people's ideas!

SAB Team invited us to their event and gave us space to spread the word about our project. From 11th - 21th October you could have found us at our stand, ready to share our passion for Motorsport and talk all day long about cars. We were super happy to stumble upon other Formula Student team members from teams from other cities in Romania and companies that were interested in offering their help. A lot of people encouraged us in what we are doing.

UPB Drive stand at Salonul Auto București 2018

You can find more photos on our Instagram page and this video will show you the event atmosphere.

We made some amazing friends

After being so well treated by our Faculty and University, as well as by the SAB Team, we had in front of us only more good things to come.

We spent many hours at Academia Titi Aur. We have had a long talk with Silviu Moraru, ex-Rally Driver, currently Titi Aur's Navigator in CNR, and overall motorsport enthusiast. Besides technical stuff, we've had a good laugh and we also got to know some of Silviu's vast rally experience by listening to his impressive stories.

First visit at Academia Titi Aur

Our professors built us a workshop

When you do good, the good also finds you back.

You can see below our home. Some people like to call it a garage, but we know we'll be spending much of the next months in there. We will reveal the inside of it in January, when we will have an Open Day to share our project status and, of course, party in the evening.

Technical Development

We're in due process of finishing our designs for DR-01's chassis and trying to get as much dynamics data we can from simulations and the guys from the Engine & Drivetrain Team can't wait to start working on the CBR600 F4i to get it ready to race.

We're almost done with DR-01's frame design and we're testing the chosen concepts for wheel hubs, uprights and suspension arms and have begun running tests in Adams to get as much data as possible before we start building.

The Electronics Team has come up with the electrical scheme of our car and now they're working on writing the code for the dashboard, choosing what sensors we'll use in testing and on track and creating the design for the steering wheel.

Busy bees in their natural habitat building the first prototype of DR-01's frame

We're not only about cars, although we would have wanted it

Secret Santa came as well with big surprise! toy cars and Christmas stuff. Oh, and a shovel, for the heavy snow we had these weeks in Romania.

We were just kidding above, we really are all about cars.

It's been a full two months since we've taken this path and we'd like to issue a big and jolly thank you to all of you that have joined us. Happy Holidays and healthy engines, everyone!


UPB Drive Team

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