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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

As a car enthusiast, you want to know all that it's going on, at any time. We started this crazy stuff 5 month ago and yet we never said clearly what we are doing, right? Here is our first step to make it up to you.

Departments' Brief

Chassis & Aerodynamics

This is the department where Team Captain and Technical Leader are part of, so the Organizational Chart is kind of ruined. What a shame. But this is not as important as the fact that the main focus of the past few months was building the frame. It was a big challenge for the guys, given that we had to start our first chassis from scratch. It was full of lessons for the next generations on how to weld a frame and, most importantly, how to design it. Our mindset for our first try is something Johnny Cash said: “You build on failure”. Now, CNC operators are waiting for our engineers-to-be to approve the final design of the uprights and the steering rack housing.

Now the Aerodynamics part. All they do is run simulations. On the aero package. Which we don’t have yet.

Engine & Drivetrain

A preliminary step was to analyse the engine and all the components. After receiving the F4i engine, the team started its initial plan: to gain the maximum power considering the restriction speculated in the FSAE rules. First step was to take most part of the engine apart and evaluate the health of it. Things like the oil pan, timing chain, the head, valve lifter and camshaft needed to come off. In the reassembling process, our members returned the timing to exceed our expectations.

The engine department also has taken care of admission, exhaust gallery and transmission chain and differential. The chain and sprockets were calculated to have the closest ratio to a standardized one. Admission and exhaust were made with the rules in mind, but also bringing innovative features to the table. Admission gallery design brings an optimized form that has in mind the air oscillations and vibrations. The exhaust gallery was optimized for the pressure of each header to be evenly distributed.


The electronics team is working hard to make the car meet the safety requirements and make the engine run smoothly. All of our members are working simultaneously on different parts of the electronics assembly. Some were able to compose the wiring diagram for the power circuit and everyone in the team has a clear view of the Brake Overboost Switch, Fuse Box and Kill Switch requirements.

We are appreciating the value of data acquisition and developed the main diagram for the telemetry system present in the car. Working in mind with every little aspect that our colleagues from other departments would like to test, our team brought a sensor to measure it.

The driver mainly interacts with the car using the steering wheel, so we developed a beautiful steering wheel that incorporates a 4.3 inch LCD display to keep the driver informed and in full control at every moment.

What will we do next? Our goals are to create an efficient map for the engine and create the actual wiring loom for the car. Our full telemetry system will be ready for the official car testing period.


This is it. These were the three technical teams with their updates.

Do you know what the whole UPB Drive team is doing right now?

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