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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Great news! We are looking for a CAD Engineer.

As a CAD Engineer, you will design, develop and build technical drawings, 3D models, and blueprints for all the parts needed by the engine department. You will closely work with the other members of the team in order to understand the requirements of their initial designs and turn them into accurate and detailed technical drawings in 2D and 3D models. These drawings are used at all stages of a project, from estimating cost and feasibility to creating the blueprints for manufacturing and instructions for installation. CAD Engineers are also responsible for the selection of materials and components required for the end product and, if necessary, carry out trials and experiments with them. The construction of the first prototypes is also one of the tasks of a CAD Engineer.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Meet with Engineers, Draftsmen and Designers to review blueprints and design drawings.

  • Design, develop and engineer high-quality models using CATIA. All the models must respect the FSAE rules.

  • Calculate costs and apply knowledge of materials and engineering principles to check the feasibility of manufacture and construction of the product

  • Complete task reports and technical documentation

Qualifications and skills required

  • Proficiency in CATIA

  • Knowledge of engineering principles and the ability to create and read technical drawings

  • Good understanding of material science

  • Spatial and design skills to be able to visualize projects in 2D and 3D

  • The candidate should have a passion for motorsport

  • The ideal candidate should not like improvisations and must be a perfectionist, in order to get the tasks done in a textbook-like manner

Nice to have

  • Knowledge about fabrication processes

  • Hands-on experience gathered while working with engines

  • Good understanding of the stresses a race car is subject to

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