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Aerodynamics Department

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

If you’re passionate about aerodynamics, now you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in multiple fields, including motorsport, with a focus on car aerodynamics, because we need our car to fly high and race low. So welcome to the Aerodynamics Department.

Our duty is to calculate, design, simulate, and manufacture the aerodynamic parts of the vehicle, such as wings, spoilers, and bodywork of the car. We need a complex team that includes both people with dexterity to make the parts and good designers who can understand the aerodynamic principles and use them to our advantage. You will need to perform all the necessary calculations and simulations and, if needed, modify the CAD designs in order to achieve the required performance.

Together we must learn to work efficiently and organized so that each member of the team knows what he has to do so that any member can use his work without problems. The ideal candidate should have a big desire to get his hands dirty!

What we expect

  • Basic knowledge of aerodynamics

  • Know how to read/realize Engineering Drawings (2D)

  • Familiar with geometry creation - CAD software

  • Basic experience in working with CFD / FEA simulation software

Nice to have

  • Experience in creating aerodynamic profiles;

  • Hands-on experience.

Join and learn with us!

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