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8 things we enjoyed last year despite it being 2020

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

It's January. We finished a busy year to enter another one that's predicted to be just as busy. But you're not here to hear the same truths about 2020. On the contrary, we want to share with you 8 things that we found fun last year and maybe reminisce a bit about how we grew both as a team and as individuals.

We worked on multiple projects and participated in many competitions as the UPB Drive team, though we never really stopped to look back and actually take in our progress.

So, without further ado, it's high time we made a list of some great things we've accomplished, which we'd like to do again!

1. Organizing workshops

Progress-driven communities always share knowledge. It's the key factor of what makes a community great! Compared to last year we have tripled the number of workshops we organize and we have seen ourselves grow by helping, teaching, and learning from each other. It's a beautiful part of the competition that's not emphasized enough.

Anyway, here's a print screen of us. We look tired (and we were...really), but hey, in the end, the work paid off!

*Fun fact* We even had a Bachata workshop once :)

2. Participating in extracurricular student competitions

Who knew that the partners in crime we were looking for were right under our nose? Well, we found out eventually that we have more things in common than the passion for motorsport and that we work well together in other areas, too.

Long story short, we teamed up to take part in different contests and this is how it went:

(upper left) Our colleagues Madalina Boboc, Bianca Anton, Adriana Moraru, and Horia Paul-Ion participated in Innovation Labs 2020 - Bucharest Hackathon.

Photo credits: Innovation Labs

(upper right) We also won 2nd place in the EBEC Competition, organized by Best Bucharest. Looking forward to 1st place next time! Team members: Denis-Sebastian Nuică, Constantin-Ilie Rosianu, Claudia-Elena Teodorescu, Andrei-Cristian Grigore.

Photo credits: Best Bucharest

(below) Denis-Sebastian Nuică, Constantin-Ilie Rosianu, and Andrei-Cristian Grigore won 3rd place at the Twizy Contest innovation competition, organized by Group Renault Romania. They transformed a Renault Twizy into a minivan dedicated for HORECA deliveries and other last-mile deliveries.

3. Printing face shields for medical staff

We are grateful for the connections we have with other student organizations. Between April and May last year we joined Asociatia Medicala Romana de Biomodelare 3D, Societatea Studentilor in Medicina din Bucuresti (SSMB) and the student team REXUS - Project Ecrida, to print face shields for medical staff in need.

4. Virtual racing

We were lined up at the virtual start at the sim racing championship - Racing League Romania along with some friends of ours - UPT Racing Team.

Sim racing became really popular this summer; we wonder why, hehe.

5. Testing the telemetry we created in-house

Our colleagues, Catalin Ghenea and Horia Paul-Ion, together with the pilots Bianca Anton and Teo Gal managed to win the A1 class race, using a real-time telemetry system, developed in-house, on the Motor Park Circuit at Adancata, Ialomita.

6. Online recruiting - We do have a fancy team, right?

"You cannot hold online interviews". Oh well, we did it and it turned out great.

7. Karting

Avid motorsport fans here, what were you expecting?

We first went karting as a team in 2019 while in Timisoara for a Formula Student meeting. In 2020 we made it into a team activity that we now try to do regularly. It's loads of fun to race. See you on the track!

8. Participating in the FS UK Virtual Static Competition

Judges, scores, events, lots of European teams. Sounds like a usual Formula Student competition. Although, this year we met online.

Business Plan

For the business plan, we proposed a company that develops cars, equipment, and software for training professional drivers . Basically, we transformed a car into your personal coach capable of collecting, analyzing, and generating feedback & data. Get a glimpse of our presentation below:

Cost Report Special Task

Formula Student UK has a special task for the Cost Report event, which would bring teams valuable points in the competition:

Assuming you have a successful company that manufactures cars, how would you ramp down your car production to produce protective equipment and ventilator parts?

This was our solution.

Assembly line for face shields and adaptors:

And that's a wrap! Huh. This was our 2020 debriefing.

Now back to work.

See you soon,

UPB Drive

PS: Take care of yourselves 🖤

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