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In the operations department, the team’s image is worked hard on by creating visuals, presentations, posters, and videos and making sure they align with our team’s values. It also ensures the good reputation and budget of the team by contacting various businesses to establish partnerships and sponsorships and helps organizing the team from a logistics point of view.

Open positions


Content Writer

We are looking for a content writer to join our team in order to create fresh, engaging blog posts for our website, update our sponsors periodically by writing our newsletter and come up with catchy captions for our Social Media posts.


Content Writer responsibilities include conducting research on industry-related topics, coming up with new, authentic content ideas and proofreading all written materials before publication. Therefore, if you are familiar with producing online content, have an eye for detail and you’re fond of exciting projects, sign up as our new content writer! We’d love to meet you!  

What you will be doing :

  • write engaging, authentic and comprehensible copy for our social media accounts 

  • write articles on our website (ie: technical updates, future perspectives, after events debriefing) 

  • write short descriptions or updates for newsletters;

  • write content by choosing a proper tone in the writing style 

  • research, edit and proofread before publication 


What we expect: 

  • very good knowledge of the English language 

  • faultless grammar and orthography (spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, word breaks, emphasis, punctuation, both English and Romanian) 

  • portfolio of published articles or another type of written work  


Nice to have: 

  •  experience in HTML


Video&Media Editor

We want to bring a game changer in our campaign. More specifically, we need a person to play with texts, images or even car components renders and bring them to life in engaging videos for different events, Social Media (including TikTok!) campaigns or just simple memes.


If you know how to create dynamic content, you are a creative individual or just passionate about editing videos, come join us!  


What you will be doing:  

  • create authentic and accurate content that reinforce our style, voice and vision 

  • brainstorm new ideas for different campaigns and events 

  • edit both simple and more complex videos (it can be anything from adding text on a video, cutting scenes and adding badass music to playing with glitch or 3D parts) 


What we expect: 

  • experience with video editing; animation and motion design experience is a plus 

  • previous experience in creating visual content (portfolio required) 


Nice to have :

  • experience in shooting cinematic shots or b-roll; experience in creating reels is also a plus 

  • knowledge of Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro or similar programs 

  • 3D rendering knowledge (ie: Blender, KeyShot) 

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