What is Formula SAE?

Formula SAE, or, more commonly known as Formula Student (originally, this was the name of the FSAE-type competition held annually in the UK), is the biggest international engineering competition exclusively dedicated to students all around the world. Its roots go back to 1981, in the United States of America and it became international with the entry of the Universidad La Salle team from Mexico City in 1982.

Currently, FSAE competitions are hosted all over the world in the US, Europe, India, Asia and Australia.

SAE Australasia

FSAE Austria

FSAE China

Formula Student Germany

Formula Student Hungary

Formula Student India

Formula SAE Italy

Formula Student Japan

Formula Student Spain


Formula Student Czech Republic

FSAE Michigan

Formula SAE in Romania

Formula SAE made its way to Romania in 2009, when Bluestreamline joined the ranks with their BS9 model. Their example was later followed by TUIasi Racing Team, UPT Racing Team and now, UPB Drive.

Events & Rules

If they pass scrutineering, teams go through 8 Static & Dynamic Events that are meant to test the performance and ingeniosity of their vehicles as well as their business plan.

More on the 2019 Regulations and Events, here.


The 8 Static & Dynamic Events and their points reward

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