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You never know how to start a conversation about Formula Student. Or how to end one. There are so many things to be said and sooner or later you just lose yourself in the details.


To begin with, Formula Student is the most prestigious automotive engineering competition dedicated to students organized year after year by people in love with motorsport. The aim of the competitions is for students to design, produce, and race a prototype for a single-seat race car with the best design and the greatest performance.

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Formula Student Competitions


Each Formula Student competition has a specific set of rules that are accessible to the teams at the start of the season, usually to be downloaded from the event website. Although the general rules are usually the same for all the events.

There are 2 categories of events that are happening at the competition: static events and dynamic events. Static events are usually events that do not require the car physically, but only documents that need to be presented to the judges.

The static events are the following:

  • Engineering Design Event

  • Cost & Manufacturing Event

  • Business Plan Presentation


On the other hand, the dynamic events happen on the track, and for every team wishing to participate in the dynamic events, a rigorous technical inspection needs to be passed beforehand. Every team needs to prepare 4 pilots race in  the following events: 

  • Skid Pad

  • Autocross

  • Acceleration

  • Endurance + Fuel Economy



FS Spain

FS Netherlands

FS Germany

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