The electronics department takes care of numerous aspects of our race car. To put it simply, we make the difference between a 20th-century race car and a 21st-century one. At the core, our goal is to take care of the electronics that keep the engine alive, including the wiring harness. When we make sure that we covered that part, the rest comes naturally. We keep developing what we have, upgrading, and innovating.  

Open positions

Electronics Engineer

What you will be doing 

  • Research tasks - find components that suit the demands of the car (sensors from streetcars, electronic modules, individual electronic components such as transistors, etc) 

  • Cutting/splicing lots of wires 

  • Making custom (i.e. designed by you) circuits 

  • Spending many hours (or even nights) in the garage trying to figure out what is wrong with a circuit 

  • DIY stuff like improvising tests for some components to simulate race-track/real-world scenarios 


What we expect 

  • Automotive knowledge - you must at least have an idea of what generic streetcar components do (such as an alternator, ECU, rectifier, throttle, etc.) - both mechanical and electronic. Don’t worry, we don’t expect that you’re a mechanic! 

  • Passion for cars/motorcycles/motorsports 

  • Electronics knowledge - basic circuit design (analog/digital), fundamental knowledge of common components (passive/active components) 

  • Generic technical culture  

  • Common sense 


Nice to have 

  • Experience on a similar project or experience in custom electronics (even simple Arduino projects count), bonus points if you worked on custom stuff on a car 

  • A desire for innovation 

  • Long-term commitment