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Chassis Department

The Chassis department designs and constructs the structure of the car. You often have to analyze whether an assembly
or part can withstand the loads it bears and come up with solutions that will facilitate this desiderate. 
Aerodynamics and Chassis members need to work closely together because we need our car to fly high and race low.

Open positions


Mechanical Engineer

Responsibilities and duties 

  • Build and assemble the chassis and other mechanical components according to the specifications 

  • Design the suspension and steering systems

  • Ensure good ergonomics  

  • Conduct regular maintenance on the race car’s mechanical parts 

  • Maintain work logs

  • Monitor inventory and order new parts when necessary 


Qualifications and skills required  

  • Good knowledge of Physics and Geometry 

  • Experience with proper tools 

  • Knowledge of good working practices 


Nice to have 

  • CAD Design knowledge 

  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes 

  • Experience in Ansys Mechanical

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